Ultimate SOMA Breath Review: 21-Day Awakening Journey (March 2023)

Last Updated: March 11, 2023 | by Aditya Jaykumar

Have you been feeling stuck lately?

Like you’re not entirely living up to your potential? Like there’s something more out there for you, but you don’t know how to find it?

Like you’re just going through the motions and not living? If so, you’re not alone.

A vast majority feel this way at some point in our lives. But what if there was a way to break out of that funk and awaken your senses?

A method to feel a sense of bliss and oneness with the Universe?

If so, the 21-Day Awakening program from SOMA Breath may be just what you’re looking for. 

Soma Breath: 21-Day Awakening Course

  • Guided Breathwork Tutorials Teaching You 5 Core Therapeutic Breathwork Techniques
  • Online Training Material Including Thought Provoking Exercises, Breathwork Meditations & Breathwork Tutorials
  • Access To The 21-Day Awakening Journey Global Community
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I completed the program myself a few years back, which completely changed my outlook on life. Not only did I feel more connected to my spirituality, but I also found that I could tap into a previously untapped well of creativity and intuition. 

I then became a SOMA breath instructor, and that decision introduced me to numerous opportunities, experiences, and people in my life!

In this SOMA Breath review blog post, I’ll share my experience with the program and how it can benefit you on your journey of spiritual growth.

What is the 21-Day Awakening Journey?

The SOMA Breath 21-Day Awakening Journey is a 3-week transformational program designed to help individuals unlock their spiritual potential, improve their physical health and align with their highest potential.

You will learn some powerful breathing techniques that will truly change your life!

This protocol is designed to help you discover what you truly want by removing attachments to past trauma, letting go of limiting beliefs, and uncovering your true values. Does that sound interesting?

The prework includes a series of worksheets and exercises for lifestyle design. These will help you identify your core values, what lifestyle suits you, and how to create an environment that brings out your best.

You will learn how to rewire your brain and install empowering beliefs that align with your core values, helping you create your desired life.

Developed by Niraj Naik, the journey consists of breathwork sessions, guided meditations, self-hypnosis tracks, systematic breath retention, creative visualization techniques, and lifestyle practices that will help awaken your senses, get excited and feel clear about this whole new chapter in your life!

Who is the SOMA Breath 21-Day Journey A Good Fit For?

The 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey is designed for individuals of all ages and backgrounds seeking to break out of the mundane and experience a greater connection with themselves, the Universe, and their higher purpose.

I’ve been part of the SOMA community for the past few years. I’ve seen people from all walks of life benefit from this practice, including nurses, hypnotherapists, social workers, actors, marketing professionals, and business owners.

If you’re stuck in life or looking to tap into your spiritual potential, unlock health benefits, and feel more connected to Source energy, this program may be a great fit.

What are the Benefits of The 21-Day Journey?

The 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey is a transformational program that can help you break through barriers and tap into your spiritual potential on multiple levels.

Some of the big benefits include the following:

Increased clarity and focus

Improved physical health

Greater access to creativity, intuition, and inner peace

Unlocking your subconscious potential

Expansion of spiritual awareness and connection with the Universe

Increased self-confidence and self-love

Clearing of energetic blocks that are hindering your growth

Overall, the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey is an incredible program that can help you experience a greater sense of connection with yourself, the Universe, and your higher purpose.

Who Might Not Like the SOMA Breath 21-Day Journey?

Although this program has many benefits, it is essential to note that the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey is not for everyone.

The program can be intense and requires dedication and commitment on your part. Additionally, having a supportive network of friends and family would be best, as the journey can be emotional.

cold plunge

The Soma experience relies heavily on its community of members fondly known as “Sommies” for providing support, encouragement, and inspiration to people new to the 21-day awakening breath journey, so if you’re someone who is turning a new page in their book, worry not! You are in safe hands.

This program draws from Pranayama and ancient Tantric breathing techniques. If you’re averse to using the Aum mantra and trying out manifestation techniques using the power of your imagination, then this program might not be for you.

Furthermore, an essential component of Soma breath is inducing a state of brief intermittent hypoxia through breath retention on various occasions during the breathwork journey.

If this doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in, then this 21-day program might not be for you.

If you’ve tried several modalities, but nothing has worked well so far, I recommend keeping an open mind and trying out Soma breath. There’s nothing to lose and a whole new perspective to gain!

Finally, before beginning the program, please consult your healthcare provider if you are experiencing any mental health issues or trauma history.

What SOMA Breath students are Saying…
  • “I had a sense of connection with spirit and feel it can be even deeper with more practice.”
  • “I feel clear about my life & purpose”
  • “it was mystical, magical… bigger than myself”
  • “it really can take you to altered states of consciousness. I would do it all day”
  • “I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace, connection & spirit…”

How Much Does SOMA Breath 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey Cost?

The SOMA Breath 21-day Awakening Breath journey can be experienced in 2 ways – Live Group Experience and Self Study Program.

The main difference between these two formats is that the live group experience features four live online group training and unlimited access to all recordings.

From personal experience, going through such a journey in a group is far more rewarding than doing it alone.

However, if you live in a different time zone or can’t make the live sessions, the on-demand version is an affordable way to partake!

When developing new habits and letting go of limiting beliefs, receiving support and accountability from people going through a similar journey is beneficial.

Program attendees often go on to become SOMA Breath facilitators and develop lifelong friendships!

Furthermore, life group experience attendees receive an additional 25-minute guided breathwork meditation upon program completion.

On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget and prefer to do the journey on-demand, at your own pace, then the self-study program might be right for you.

The Experience: How Does The 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey Work?

Prework: Lifestyle Design:

One of the main objectives of the SOMA Breath 21-Day Awakening Journey is to help individuals uncover and align with their highest potential.

To do this, lifestyle design plays a significant role in the program, teaching people how to create the life they want by consciously designing their daily lives.

Step 1: Brainwave music technology:

In this phase, Niraj Naik talks about the power of brainwave music technology to raise vibrational energy and harness the power of the law of attraction.

In this video, Niraj Naik elaborates on the research behind the healing qualities of sound and shares how a series of synchronicities led him to work closely with Wim Hof, popularly known as the Iceman.

Step 2: Raise your vibrational energy:

In this phase, Niraj Naik introduces us to the acronym L.O.V.E (Level of Vibrational Energy) and describes how our energetic state directly influences our emotional state.

Furthermore, you will discover how to imprint your subconscious mind with a high vibrational state through intention setting and visualization. You’ll also get to listen and meditate to ‘Serotonin Sunrise’, a track from the L.O.V.E album.

Step 3: The Average Perfect Day Exercise:

In this phase, you’ll be introduced to the average perfect-day exercise, which is recommended to be performed before your first live call.

The premise is simple – without limitations, what would your average perfect day look, feel and taste like?

You’ll also have a list of questions and exercises to tap into a deep intuitive flow to develop ideas and visions for your APD (Average Perfect Day)!

Step 4: SMART Goals System:

Now that you know what your average perfect day would look like, you are introduced to a step-by-step SMART goals system to help you devise a plan to let go of limiting beliefs and achieve your dreams.

In addition, you will learn a yogic breathing technique and an advanced dimensional meditation to help you generate high vibrational energy that will link positive emotions and good feelings to your goals and visions.

Step 5: Sex Magic:

“Sex transmutation is the ability to switch a desire for physical contact to a similar desire for expression in art, literature, science, selling, or anything else. The switch may be done so habitually that it is not a conscious act­, but it always is there.” – Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind.

In this phase, you’ll get access to some powerful ancient wisdom on manifesting your desires.

You’ll learn how to generate altered states of consciousness and euphoria. You’ll also practice experiencing the high vibrational energy of a sexual orgasm through breathing exercises, breath retention, and pelvic muscle contractions.

What’s fascinating about these breathwork techniques is that you can build up this raw sexual energy and direct it toward your goals and intentions!


This is the prep phase of the program, where you’ll receive instructions on how to follow the breathing protocol and perform the breathwork techniques.

You’ll also receive an eBook called ‘Your Breath Shall Set Your Free’, which explores the science and psychology behind the 21-Day Protocol.

Finally, you’ll receive your daily dose meditation to begin your daily breathwork practice and prepare for the beginning of your 21-day journey!

Week 1 – Initiation Phase:

Average Perfect Day Exercise:

During the first week, you’ll practice your daily breathwork and build a strong foundation of breathing techniques. The focus in this phase is to get comfortable with the basics of the protocol and become familiar with all the components of SOMA Breath.

You’ll dive deeper into the Average Perfect Day Meditation, the first and foundational exercise of the SOMA awakening process.

The APD technique is a powerful hypnotic process that will stimulate your senses, reveal your dominant thoughts and surface your true core desires. This is the core work required to let go of fears and create a whole new you!

Soma Manifesting – Breathwork Meditation

This powerful breathwork meditation helps you turn your vision into inspired action by creating an emotional, energetic imprint deep into your brain stem, the seat of your subconscious mind.

This pivotal phase creates an inner environment conducive to synchronicities and magical moments that bring your desired goals closer to manifestation!

You’ll also receive the Initiation (Daily Meditation) to practice during week 1.

Other powerful exercises that are part of this phase:

  • Awakening a new reality
  • Fear Control
  • Your Council

Week 2 – Awakening:

This phase focuses on activating your intuition, connecting with your higher self, and stimulating the creative flow of ideas, feelings, and emotions.

You will walk through powerful breathwork meditations that help you understand your current meta programs, let go of limiting beliefs, activate your parasympathetic nervous system, rewire your brain, and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Be prepared to receive some intuitive downloads, creative insights, and aha moments that might be a turning point in your life!

SOMA Health Protocol:

The SOMA lifestyle doesn’t only involve breathwork, but a wide range of exercises, practices, and habits that increase energy, promote healing and boost longevity.

This resource covers tips on getting sleep, breathwork, yoga poses, morning smoothies, health food recipes, daily supplements, and sauna rituals that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and make you feel total bliss daily.

Energize Meditation:

This active meditation combines neurobics, breathwork, superbrain yoga, shaking, and movement to activate both brain hemispheres, drain toxins, encourage cerebrospinal fluid movement, and energize the whole body.

This invigorating process is so much fun. You have to try it out yourself to understand what I mean!

Avatar Meditation:

Do you have an avatar?

This fictitious or real-life person represents the values, qualities, and characteristics that will help you reach your desired life.

This could be a famous person, a highly successful entrepreneur, an award-winning musician, or a scientist whose mindset or skills you’d like to embody in your life. The Avatar meditation will help you energetically imprint the spirit of your avatar into your energetic field and life!

Sounds like magic? In this course, Niraj Naik shares some fascinating stories of people that have bent reality.

Phase 2 – Awakening Meditation:

Now that you know the basics of the SOMA Breath routine, this week is about turning up the dial and introducing positive affirmations, longer breath retention, aum chanting, and empowering imagery to connect deeper with your body, supercharge your chakras (energy centers), and revitalize your cells.

The goal is to reach a deep meditative state and feel total bliss all over your body!

Other powerful exercises that are part of this phase:

  • Meta Programs and Belief Systems
  • FOFO (The Fear Of Feeling Out)

By these two weeks, you should have gained a profound understanding of how the SOMA breath lifestyle can benefit you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Don’t be surprised if your worldviews are completely changed for the good!

Week 3 – SOMA:

The final week involves going deeper into your transformative journey with longer 60-minute awakening sessions, rhythmic breathing, and longer breath retentions to create a higher vibrational state and, ultimately, experience the divine white light.

While this might seem unbelievable or otherworldly to some of you, these experiences are common for practitioners going through this collective program because breathing exercises, visualizations, incantations, and movement lead to activating the pineal and pituitary glands.

Journey Into The White Light

This section provides a compelling scientific, biological explanation of the experience of ‘white light’.

If you’ve ever wondered about the role of the heart, the pineal gland, and the mitochondria in the third eye awakening and spiritual ascension, the ancient wisdom nuggets in this section will amaze you.

After this session, numerous students access altered states of consciousness and report an overwhelming sense of joy, oneness, and positivity. You have to experience it to know it!

Phase 3 – SOMA Meditation

The goal of this meditation is to surrender completely and experience the SOMA within. The meditation journey is slightly over an hour long and involves slightly faster breathing towards the last round to enter a state fondly called Somadi. In this breathless state, you no longer feel the need to breathe in and out.

In this state, your body is flooded with blissful chemicals similar to DMT, which provide you with feelings of connectedness, oneness, and total bliss!

Other powerful exercises that are part of this phase:

  • Self Enquiry
  • Energy In Motion

Who Created SOMA Breath

Niraj Naik, aka the renegade pharmacist, is the founder of Soma breathwork and a world-renowned expert on breathwork for personal growth and transformation.

He has trained over 10,000 people in over 30 countries and is also a teacher on the Mindvalley platform.

I had the privilege of interviewing Niraj Naik, the renegade pharmacist, about his work with SOMA Breath and his thoughts on spirituality and self-transformation. Click here to listen to the podcast!

Is SOMA Breath: 21-Day Journey worth it? My Honest Verdict

In short – I highly recommend taking this program.

The 21-Day Awakening Journey is an introduction to the Soma breath journey.

Many individuals have so much fun that they become instructors and earn a living by spreading the ancient wisdom of yogic breathwork practices, ayurvedic routines & tools.

I first did the program in late 2019, and since then, I’ve conducted over 250 online sessions and hosted several corporate breathwork training sessions and 1:1 coaching sessions. I’ve also been invited to share breathwork tips and advice on many notable wellness blogs.

Most recently, I was hired by a Hollywood movie director to visit his home in Vancouver for breathwork sessions in preparation for his big-budget summer blockbuster movie! I am hired to do an in-person breathwork session whenever he visits Vancouver.

I cannot say where this journey will lead you, but it begins by learning how to breathe, evaluating your current meta-programming, and re-wiring your brain for success and wellness!

SOMA Breath: 21-Day Journey FAQs

Is SOMA Breathing dangerous?

SOMA Breath is a powerful tool for self-transformation and personal growth, but it is important to understand the potential risks associated with the practice.

Generally speaking, SOMA Breath does not pose any danger when practiced with the guidance of a trained practitioner. However, it is possible to experience some side effects during or after a session due to the intense energy released during the practice.

As a breathwork instructor, I always share common contraindications with my workshop attendees so that they realize that breathwork is a powerful personal transformation tool that must be treated with respect and sanctity.

Remember, this breathwork practice can induce altered states of consciousness, so you must have someone you trust watching over you.

Overall, SOMA breath is a trauma-informed breathwork practice that utilizes nasal breathing to harmonize the nervous system and relax the mind.

Did you know? Nasal breathing produces nasal nitric oxide, which improves your lung’s ability to absorb oxygen. Nitric oxide also relaxes vascular smooth muscle and improves blood vessel dilation. Finally, Nitric oxide is also antifungal and antiviral, so it sterilizes your inhaled air!

Once trained, you will know how to breathe safely in a way that lowers blood pressure (dilates blood vessels) and calms the stress response.

After practicing as a SOMA Breath instructor for over two years, I’d say that if you follow the guidance of the program and adhere to the contraindications, it is a very safe practice. However, it’s essential to understand the potential risks.

What are the Benefits Of SOMA

Soma Breathwork is a powerful breathwork modality that offers a range of benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

One of the main benefits of Soma is its ability to induce vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels) and increase oxygenation of tissues, which can lead to a range of mental health benefits, including improved immune function, greater optimism, and increased energy levels.

Additionally, Soma Breath can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity and focus, and enhance feelings of relaxation and overall well-being.

With more practice, Soma’s benefits can help individuals achieve greater immunity and vitality while reducing chronic illness, burnout, and disease symptoms.

SOMA Breath Instructor cost

The cost of becoming a SOMA Breath instructor depends on the type of program they you are participating in and whether it is in-person or online.

Generally, prices range from $1,500 USD to $3,000 USD, with the SOMA Breath instructor program – level 1 available for $ 1499.

Individuals who want to become instructors must be certified in at least the SOMA Breath – Level 1 program and complete at least 20 hours of training.

If you are interested in becoming a SOMA Breath Instructor, please get in touch with us for more information or visit this page to learn more.

On the other hand, if you’d like to experience the 21-day awakening program first, why not try it out? Here’s where you can learn more.

How do you do SOMA breathing?

SOMA breathing is a powerful and transformative practice that combines ancient and modern techniques from breathwork, sound healing, energy work, and spiritual psychology.

It is a method of active meditation focusing the mind on the breath, allowing it to let go of any mental chatter or thoughts and refocus on the present moment.

SOMA breathing is simple and begins with deep belly breaths that gradually become more shallow, allowing the body to relax and focus on the breath.

As you breathe deeply, thoughts or feelings may arise; if they do, acknowledge them without judgment, then let them go and return your concentration to the breath.

With each inhale and exhale, visualize yourself releasing any tension or stress, replacing it with relaxation and peace.

Finally, you can move into the visualization stage after a few minutes of practicing these breathing exercises.

This involves focusing on positive feelings of gratitude and visualizing the ideal outcome while breathing deeply and slowly. When finished with this step, relax your focus and allow the breath to become natural again.

This practice can be done anywhere and usually takes 10 to 20 minutes.

A great way to experience this is to get a copy of the SOMA Breathwork daily dose meditations, which you can find here. This is an affordable way to get started with your SOMA journey.

With regular practice, you will feel the benefits of SOMA breathing techniques, such as improved mental clarity, emotional balance, physical relaxation, and overall well-being!

While Soma breath has numerous physical benefits, I treasure that overwhelming sense of joy and love after each session the most.

Closing Thoughts

As this article shares, the SOMA 21-day Awakening journey is an intensive 3-week program designed by world-renowned breathwork expert Niraj Naik.

It uses a holistic approach to self-transformation that combines ancient and modern techniques from breathwork, sound healing, energy work, and spiritual psychology.

Soma Breath is worth a try if you’re looking for a comprehensive program combining ancient wisdom with modern self-transformation and personal growth tools.

The best part is that you get lifetime access to the course, which means you can do it again if you need more practice.

Through personal experience and learning the Soma techniques, I’ve found that the SOMA Breath: 21-Day Awakening Journey is an effective and powerful way to take control of your life, reach your goals, and unlock the power of breathwork. It has completely changed my life over the last few years!

Our Pick

Soma 21-day Awakening Journey

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit And Call In Your True Life’s Purpose In This 21-Day Virtual Retreat.

This virtual retreat is taught through 4 webinar sessions + downloadable guided breathwork meditation and exercises.

I hope this SOMA Breath review helped answer your questions about the program and helped you decide whether it’s right for you.

If you have any further questions or want to learn more, please get in touch with us at aj (at) mysevenchakras.com. I hope to connect with you shortly!


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