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Whether you want to reduce stress, let go of limiting beliefs, heal your pain or embark on a spiritual journey, you’ll find inspiring and informative articles on this blog.

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Best Podcast

This is such an inspiring podcast. I listen to this every night. I have learned so much on my spiritual journey. This is helping me mend my health issues. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this podcast. The world can hear and learn about so many wonderful ways of living life. Many blessings.
Joanne Oconnor
United States

Amazing Podcast

This podcast has truly changed my life. It covers a wide range of spiritual topics and you learn something new each episode. AJ is an authentic host with a sincere desire to help heal his community of listeners. I feel inspired and refreshed after each listen. Thank you!
Peter Ching
United States

Love This Podcast

I’m new to spirituality and I found AJ’s podcast to be very engaging and informative. There is nothing like this that I’ve been able to find and I’m so happy that I discovered it. I listen every day and find that there is much invaluable wisdom to take from every episode.
United States

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My goal with this blog is to provide you articles, guides and resources that will help you let go of stress, calm your mind and heal your life. After spending the last 7 years interviewing over 500+ wellness experts and receiving over 6.4 million downloads, I’m excited to bring to you information that will uplift and inspire. Read more about my story!

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