3 Best Breathwork Training Certifications & Courses

Last Updated: October 24, 2022 | by Aditya Jaykumar

If you’re looking for the best breathwork training courses and certifications, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about making an informed decision on who to work with. We’ll highlight the top features of each breathwork certification program and provide pricing information for your consideration. We’ll also provide our recommendations.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced breathwork practitioner, you’ll find something useful to take away.

SOMA Breath


Shamanic Breathwork

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Why is Breathwork so powerful?

The breath is a powerful tool that can be used to improve physical, mental, and emotional health.

Breathwork is an umbrella term given to breathwork practices from around the world that help you connect with your breath and your body for personal health and self-discovery.

When used correctly, breathing techniques can help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, and promote overall well-being. For those who need it the most, breathwork techniques can help clear out emotional blockages, which in turn allows for more creativity and productivity.

Certain ceremonial-based breathing practices can also be used to release long-held trauma and stagnant emotions that were stored in the body.

What is Breathwork Training?

Breathwork training is a term used to describe the process of learning how to control and use the breath in order to achieve specific results. This type of training can be done through various courses, certifications, or workshops that are available both online and offline.

Most practitioners begin their practice to gain knowledge, receive mental clarity or heal from physical ailments.

Oftentimes, these individuals discover such deep knowledge and self-awareness through their own practice that they feel deeply compelled to share the gift of breath with others by teaching breathwork!

How do you get certified in breathwork?

There are many breathwork training courses available both online and offline. These course and training programs can vary greatly in terms of length, price, and content.

When choosing a breathwork training course, it is important to consider your goals and objectives, as well as your starting point.

Some breathwork training courses are designed for beginners while others are more advanced. Certain breathwork teaching training programs are specifically designed for certain conditions or ailments such as anxiety or insomnia.

The cost of breathwork training courses can also vary greatly. Some breathwork training courses are can cost a few hundred dollars while others require an investment of a few thousand dollars, so it’s important to be intentional with what breathwork training resonates most with you!

SOMA Breath


SOMA Breath is a holistic, rhythmic breathwork system that draws from the ancient yogic breathing system of Pranayama and incorporates brainwave music, visualization, and mantra chanting to raise your vibrations to a whole new level.  


Here are some features of SOMA Breath:

Reduced Stress: Soma Breath along with ancient pranayama techniques help with quickly switching to a more relaxed parasympathetic state, making you feel relaxed and calm in minutes.  

Faster Healing: Soma breath uses strategic breath holds that induce a state called brief intermittent hypoxia. This leads to increased red blood cell production and improved stem cell circulation inside the body, which leads to faster healing outcomes. 

Increased Energy: Brief Intermittent hypoxia induced by breath holds leads to improved oxygen transportation to your cellular mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of your cells. This leads to enhanced energy production naturally!  

Improved digestion and metabolism: Soma breath helps you switch to a parasympathetic state that creates an environment for healthy digestion. Furthermore, pranayama breathing techniques such as kapalabhati, using inside SOMA breath, help with clearing stagnant gases from the bowels, improving blood circulation and even clearing sinuses. 


The current pricing for the Soma Breath Instructor training ranges from $ 2999 to $ 4999, depending on the level of knowledge and support provided.

Here’s what’s included in their Breathwork Teacher Training program:

  1. High-Quality Pre-Recorded Video Trainings ($499)
  2. Bi-weekly LIVE Group Calls ($399)
  3. LIVE Training with SOMA Breath Instructors and Transformational Coaches during and after the training ($699)
  4. 2 x One-Hour 1:1 Mentorship Calls with a SOMA Breath Mentor ($899)
  5. Ability to Join our Exclusive Platform (BIG) for Ongoing Business Training, Masterminds, Brand New Music & much more
  6. Exclusive Access to the BreathFit Challenge and the 21 Day Awakening Journey ($400)
  7. License to Guide SOMA Breath One-Hour Breathwork Sessions, including our ‘Energized Meditation’ and ‘Awakening Meditation’ Routines ($299)
  8. Enrolment In Our Abundance Program (affiliate system)
  9. Unlimited Access To Our Private Instructor Community ($299)
  10. Regular Instructor-Only Discounts to Our Events, Retreats, and New Products
  11. Lifetime Access to All Online Training Materials ($500)

Bottom Line

With so many breathwork modalities to choose from, SOMA Breath is a modality that contains numerous relaxation techniques that are both safe, trauma-informed and effective.

This breathwork has certainly helped me immensely spiritually, physically, and emotionally during the pandemic. As a Soma Breath instructor, I’ve conducted over 200 sessions for my clients, so I’ve personally witnessed people experiencing the relief and calmness that this practice offers. 

Finally, SOMA breath offers many pathways for people who want to spread the medicine of breath by becoming a trained instructor and helping accelerate our spiritual evolution. 

Here’s where you need to go to learn more about SOMA Breath and experience the benefits yourself for Free.

SOMA Breath

Groundbreaking breathwork meditation technology proven by science. Unleash your peak performance & unlock your inner pharmacy with SOMA Breath.



The Yogalap Breathwork Instructor Course is a 4-week Pranayama program led by Michaël Bijker during which students will learn the incredible power of yogic breathwork and how to safely implement breathwork into their teachings and breathwork sessions.

To facilitate an inner transformation, this course includes daily breathwork, journaling, and life reflection sessions to help the student clear blockages, find clarity and discover their life’s purpose.


Here are some features of the Yogalap Certified Breathwork Instructor course:

  • Become a breathwork/ pranayama expert
  • Help others to heal and empower
  • Purify your mind & heart and live from your source
  • Expand your toolbox as a spiritual teacher, coach, or guide
  • Live with purpose and fulfillment
  • Become an inspiration for others
  • Increase your earnings in an honest way
  • Live without financial worries


The current pricing for the Yogalap Certified Breathwork Instructor course is $ 480.

Here’s what’s included in the YogaLap Breathwork Teacher Training program:

  • Video Lectures: 35+Hrs of HD video tutorials, workbooks, and lectures
  • Live Q&A sessions: 5 live group sessions with Michaël Bijker to get a better understanding of all the breathwork techniques, and how to be an inspiring teacher
  • Self Development Program: Daily journaling and weekly ‘Inner Guidance’ sessions. Through expert guidance and support, you will develop a strong self-practice and daily routine that will change your life
  • Templates – for finding clients, promotional emails, and breathwork sessions.
  • One Year Access: You will have 1-year access to the course material and Exclusive access to our Facebook group for Breathwork instructors.
  • Certification: After completing this Breathwork Instructor course, you will be fully licensed to offer LIFE AWARENESS™ Breathwork classes live and online

Bottom Line

This course is recommended for those looking for a detailed Pranayama-based course where you will learn how to transform your life and be an inspiration to others. You will also get to attend 5 live sessions with Michael Bijker, the breathwork teacher, whose teaching style is compassionate and assuring.

In addition to mastering over 20 Pranayama and breathwork techniques, you will also learn about the business side of being an instructor and how to monetize your newly developed skills.

I’ve taken this course, and especially because this is one of the more affordable breathwork teacher training programs, it gets my vote. You can learn more about it by clicking the button below.


In this complete Breathwork Instructor program, you will learn the incredible power of breathwork backed by scientific research.

Shamanic Breathwork


Taught by Linda Star Wolf, the Shamanic Breathwork ceremony is a powerful, transformative experience that encourages people to awaken the shaman within them and reconnect with their inner shaman.

Individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and rediscover the magic of who they really are as old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and changed. Wholeness and healing return to individuals’ own lives, as well as those of their loved ones, and the world at large through empowerment.


The first level of Shamanic Breathwork is called S.H.I.P (Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process). 

In the Facilitator Skills program, participants experience in-depth training and exposure in the following areas: Music, Art, and Processing. They will discover how to:

  • Embrace shamanic tools to create real and lasting change in your life.
  • Transform troubling issues from the past that still impact you today.
  • Reclaim your passion and your power by recovering lost aspects of your authentic self and remember who you truly are!
  • Deepen your connection to unconditional love for self & others.
  • Enhance your ability to support others through these times and share your unique gifts and Sacred Purpose with the world.


The pricing for an In-Person Hybrid S.H.I.P. Training is USD 1850.

Here’s what’s included in the S.H.I.P Online Breathwork Facilitator Skills program:

  • How to create a safe container for shamanic psycho-spiritual work
  • The facilitation of Sacred Ceremony
  • Developing and trusting your Intuition and unique gifts
  • The use of Shamanic Musical Journeys
  • Demonstration of hands on bodywork
  • Shamanic Shakti Art Process’s
  • Experiential Group Processing, Integration, and Grounding. 

Bottom Line

If you’re intrigued by shamanism, then this program might be for you. From ancient times, the Shaman was the healer of the village or community who attempted to restore healing and balance in others by performing sacred rites or ceremonies which usually included prayers, songs, and chants. They would also journey into other realms while being assisted by power animals, spirit guides, and allies.

I’ve spoken to Linda Star Wolf on multiple occasions and have experienced how she guides people into a state of bliss and ease, so if this program speaks to you, then I’d highly recommend reaching out to the team at Venus Rising!

Shamanic Breathwork

The Shamanic Breathwork ceremony is a powerful transformational journey that inspires individuals to Awaken the Shaman Within and reconnect with their own inner shaman. 

How To Choose A Breathwork Training

Knowing about the various options for breathwork teacher training is not enough – you’ll have to, somewhere down the line, make a choice.

Here are some factors that I included in my decision-making process, and I hope you find them useful too.


When it comes to choosing breathwork training, there are many factors to consider.

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself what you hope to gain from the experience. Are you a beginner who is looking for an introduction to breathwork? Or are you an experienced breathwork practitioner who is looking for more advanced teachings?

Furthermore, some breathwork training programs are split into multiple levels that students progress through as they acquire skills and experience whereas others have just one standalone breathwork teacher training course. These considerations will help you hone in on your options.


The next factor to consider is the purpose behind your enrollment – “your why”. Are you looking for an opportunity to reduce stress, acquire new life skills, and develop a deep understanding of the breath? Or do you want to teach breathwork or offer breathwork sessions either online or offline?

Gaining clarity in this area will provide more clarity about the breathwork training program that suits you best.


Another thing to consider is pricing because breathwork teacher training program pricing can vary greatly based on course duration, setting (online breathwork or in-person), attention (1:1 or group), and content (whether it is for beginners or experienced practitioners).

Online or Offline:

Do you prefer learning and studying breathwork online through video lessons or would you rather attend an in-person breathwork facilitator training at a retreat or a local studio?

Especially due to the pandemic many breathwork schools have pivoted to teaching and offering breathwork sessions online whereas some organizations online offer their breathwork teacher training courses in-person where the student gets an opportunity to connect and bond with other students from around the world.

Whether it is held online or offline, its important for the teacher to create a safe and supportive environment that allows for healing, learning and growing.

In my opinion, each has its advantage but it’s important to consider these factors in your decision-making process!


When it comes to breathwork, the duration of the course is an important factor to consider. Some breathwork courses are 3-day or 5-day intensives while some last for 6 months to a year. Furthermore, some breathwork teacher training courses are online and self-paced, so you get to take your time.

The longer courses offer more in-depth teachings and allow for more time for practice and integration, whereas the shorter courses may be better suited for those who are already familiar with breathwork.

It’s important to choose a course that will give you what you need without overwhelming you.


Another important factor is community. Are you doing this course all by yourself or do you get an opportunity to connect, hang out and potentially collaborate with other soon-to-be breathwork teachers?

Whether it’s an online or in-person program, the opportunity to network and build your breathwork social network is powerful and will make the learning experience all the most rewarding.

Breathwork Style:

When it comes to breathwork, there are 100s of techniques and approaches to choose from. We recommend trying a few methods to arrive at an approach that works for you.

Are you looking for something that draws from ancient wisdom like Pranayama, Qigong, or Soma Breath, or are you looking at a modality like Buteyko breathing that addresses specific conditions like Asthama?

Another consideration is whether you’re looking for a practice that’s simple and minimalist like Pranayama sadhana or you want something that incorporates modern devices Oxygen meters and HRV meters (Heart Rate Variability) to biohack your way to optimum health!

Energetic Resonance:

When selecting a breathwork training, it is important to find one that resonates with you energetically. This means finding a teacher that you feel compatible with, someone whose approach, background, and philosophy you feel connected with.

If the training does not feel right for you, likely, you will not get the most out of it.

However, if you find a training that feels good and that your gut tells you is right, then the possibilities are endless.

If it’s right for you, you’ll know it, so make sure you listen to your inner voice!

Additional Support:

When it comes to teaching breathwork in 2022 and beyond, a successful modern breathwork teacher needs to not only be an expert in breathwork but also know how to use online digital tools to be able to effectively communicate with students online.

The ability to use live streaming software to support and enhance breathwork sessions is another critical skill. Breathwork teachers also need to know how to market themselves online to attract students from around the world.

Look for breathwork training programs that provide additional support in these areas so you can hit the ground running when you graduate!

Can You Make A Living As A Breathwork Instructor:

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on several factors, including the type of breathwork being taught, the instructor’s level of experience, and the location in which they are teaching.

Generally speaking, breathwork instruction can be a very lucrative career, but it is important to have a strong foundation in the practice and be able to share it effectively with students.

Wrap Up:

So there you have it – those are some of our recommendations and suggestions on becoming a certified breathwork instructor. There are multiple factors to consider such as experience level, objectives, budget, duration, community and whether the program is held online or in-person.

Most programs offer free or affordable taster sessions from time to time, and we recommend attending these to get a glimpse into the vibe and feel of the program and the teacher.

We hope that this article has been helpful and that you will find the a breathwork training program that is right for you soon. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment below and we’d be happy to help.


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